is equipped with a large entrance and a driveway, providing access for both people and vehicles.

350 square meters of space for your Productions

InStudio is a versatile space dedicated to the production of a wide range of creative projects, including:

  • Video shoots: Our facilities are well-equipped for high-quality video productions.
  • Photo shoots: Spacious and well-lit studios with various configurations to suit your needs.
  • Casting: We can help you organize casting calls for advertising campaigns, films, and TV series.
  • Cinema and television realizations: InStudio offers complete setups for producing TV programs and commercials.
  • Rehearsal rooms: Dedicated space for music and theater rehearsals.

Located conveniently in Rome between Piazza Bologna and Tiburtina station, InStudio offers more than just spaces.

We also provide the equipment necessary to set up complete sets, including lights, backdrops, cameras, lenses, and accessories.

This ensures you have access to the expertise and resources needed for your project.

This is the 3D floor plan of allows users to explore the company's facilities, including its production studios, workspaces, and offices