Our studios are ideal for photo and video shoots. We also offer a variety of equipment for rent, including cameras, lenses, lighting, and sound systems. The two studios have a built-in limbo (Studio A • dimensions: 12.5m x 6.5m x 4m – Studio C 12m x 5.5m x 4m), each equipped with a makeup room and bathroom.


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Studio A Map

Our clients can have access to collaborators such as hair stylists, makeup artists, set designers, prop masters, studio assistants, photo retouchers, etc.

DIMENSIONS : ft    L. 41,10 x  W. 21,33 x H. 13,10 – Mt 12,50 L. x 6,50 W. x 4,00 H.


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Studio C features a built-in Blue Screen limbo, making it our dedicated space for video shoots, without excluding photography.

Upon request, we can provide clients with: cameras, lenses, lighting systems and everything needed to create professional quality productions.

DIMENSIONI : mt  L. 12,00 x  L. 5,50   x  H.4,00

DIMENSIONS : ft    L. 39,00 x  W. 18,00 x H. 13,10

Studio C map


Studio B at InStudio.org very busy during a marketing lesson

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DIMENSIONI : mt  L. 8,50 x  L. 6,50   x  H.4,00

DIMENSIONS : ft    L. 27,80 x  W. 21,00 x H. 13,10