Senzatomica” an Important Project the crew of Senzatomica at the end of a long day of shooting

Recently, a colleague and collaborator – a highly skilled graphic designer – approached us with an interesting opportunity. They inquired if we would be interested in working with the staff of “Senzatomica.”

Senzatomica, a team of 10-12 individuals, was searching for a studio. They required a versatile space like our Studio A with a variety of backdrops and lighting options. Their goal was to film a launch video for the inauguration of “Senzatomica” an exhibition in Rome on the nuclear weapons ban .

We were immediately enthusiastic and readily agreed to assist them in realizing their project, with our studios and lights.

The shoot would conclude in a single day with interviews of about ten testimonials. These included some well-known television and radio personalities. They would be made to hear the sound of a nuclear explosion, and their reactions would be filmed live on camera.

Needless to say, the emotions were running high. Despite it being a studio reconstruction, some of the testimonials became genuinely emotional.

By the end of a lonf day of shooting, we were all exhausted but satisfied with the results. The video had a great impact on social networks.

L’ISOLA DI PIETRO” with Gianni Morandi Gianni Morandi shakes hands with Gianluca arriving at Instudio .

We are thrilled to share with you the recent visit of a special guest to InStudio: the legendary Gianni Morandi shaking hands with Gianluca. An artist with undeniable talent and infectious charm, Morandi is always gracious with everyone he meets.

InStudio’s facilities had the honor of hosting the Lux crew of the television series “L’ISOLA DI PIETRO 2” for an intense day of filming. The episode, which was aired on Mediaset’s Canale 5, captivated audiences with its gripping storyline and unforgettable characters.

For those unfamiliar with the filming industry, it’s easy to underestimate the immense effort that goes on behind the scenes of a major television production. To give you a glimpse into the process, we’ve included a short behind-the-scenes video from that day, allowing you to immerse yourself in the frenetic and creative atmosphere that characterized the filming.

Like a well-rehearsed orchestra, the LUX staff, composed of dozens of experienced technicians, moved in our Studio A in unison with great professionalism. Each team member fulfilled their role with dedication and precision, collaborating seamlessly to achieve the best results within the allotted time.

In this instance, the scene was set in a large photography studio where the police burst in, searching for evidence in a murder investigation. As if by fate, the prime suspect was none other than the photographer himself. The choice of Instudio as the filming location proved to be perfect, thanks to its ample studios and ready-to-use spaces, which allowed for the creation of the ideal setting for the scene.

UIL Membership Campaign

We are happy to share with you an exciting project that showcases our creativity and technical expertise: a captivating advertising campaign for the UIL, a prominent Italian trade union.

The genesis of this project was a phone call from a well known art director. He proposed an intriguing concept for a print and outdoor advertising campaign for the UIL: capturing a diverse group of individuals, representing a wide range of ages and social backgrounds, in a moment of jubilation after a goal during a football match.

We were immediately captivated by the idea. This presented a compelling challenge to create a visually striking and realistic image that effectively conveys the shared emotions and unity that football can evoke among people from all walks of life.

To bring this concept to life, we decided to conduct the photoshoot in our Studio A. The spaciousness and continuous backdrop of our studio provided the ideal setting for this endeavor. To enhance the realism of the scene, we added a real lawn to the studio floor, mimicking the appearance of a football pitch.

The casting phase was crucial in selecting the models who would embody our diverse group. We sought individuals from various ages and backgrounds who could authentically convey spontaneity and enthusiasm in the moment of celebration.
Lighting played a pivotal role in the success of this project. We carefully recreated the atmosphere of a night-time stadium, utilizing powerful lights strategically positioned to achieve the desired effect.

Post-production demanded meticulous attention to detail. We seamlessly integrated the group photo with the stadium background, ensuring perfect compatibility of lighting and shadows. Color correction further enhanced the mood, creating an evocative and realistic atmosphere.

The outcome of our efforts was truly gratifying. The advertising campaign garnered great success, receiving resounding praise from the client and agency. For us, it served as a test to our ability to transform creative ideas into impactful imagery.


This campaign was a remarkable opportunity for us to showcase our expertise and creativity in the realm of advertising photography, brought forth by Enel Energia‘s sponsorship of the Giro d’Italia.

The agency approached us with the layout, which involved assembling three separate shots in post-production. The concept was a still life of a meter alongside two testimonials and their bicycles. A simple yet effective idea, it demanded flawless execution to effectively convey the brand’s message.

Naturally, we opted to conduct the entire shoot within Studio A. The ample space and versatility of our set proved ideal for this type of photography.

After capturing the still life of the meter, we embarked on the task of finding the models and bicycles. As per the client’s specifications, they were to be road bikes but not overly sporty, colorful but not too flashy, and technologically advanced without being excessively futuristic. A challenging endeavor, it required meticulous selection to identify the perfect subjects.

As is often the case with these types of shoots, the greatest challenge lay in fully comprehending the client’s requirements. After several proposals and a thorough casting process, we finally found the models and bicycles that met their expectations to a tee.

The actual shooting itself presented no significant difficulties. The true test came in post-production. Precisely outlining the bicycle spokes proved to be a delicate task. However, our experience allowed us to anticipate this issue during the shooting phase by utilizing a pink backdrop closely resembling the final poster’s background.

Subsequently, we proceeded to remove all logos and overly vibrant colors from the bicycles. Finally, we created shadows on the background to enhance the image’s realism.

It was a demanding but rewarding retouching process. We had to meticulously consider every detail to accentuate the meter and seamlessly integrate the subjects into the scene. The final outcome garnered the client and agency’s utmost satisfaction, further solidifying our reputation for producing high-quality images that align with the specific requirements of each project.