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Today we want to talk about an interesting advertising campaign that we created in our Studio A.

Some time ago, an art director called and asked us to create a print and billboard campaign for the UIL a large workers Union. The subject would be a very diverse group of people, both in terms of age and social background, who would have to represent the moment of jubilation immediately after a goal, during a football match.

We immediately liked the image to be created and it was also a nice challenge to face. We had to create the image of a group of people in a studio and insert it into the photo of a stadium illuminated at night. Not bad!
We decided to photograph the subjects in our studio in Rome. With its continuous background and its large size, it is well suited to accommodate a set with many people.

We quickly went into action, first by casting the models for the group and then by looking for a real lawn to lay on the floor of the studio. The lawn will be used to facilitate the insertion of the photo of the group into the background photo of the stadium, making the whole thing more believable.

The studio soon turns into a beautiful location with an green lawn. The lighting we recreate will be as similar as possible to that of the floodlights that illuminate the stadiums at night.
The subjects are just right for their roles and ready to cheer at our signal. Everything goes according to plan, with the client and art director present on set.

We then move on to post-production. The lighting of the group is definitely spot on and compatible with that of the stadium. The outline is carefully done to insert the main photo on the background photo. The most difficult thing is to recreate the shadows in the most realistic way possible. We then move on to a general color correction which we decide should be slightly desaturated. The final effect is definitely good, just as we imagined it.

The client and the agency were very satisfied and we and our team successfully completed another challenge.

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