Video shoot for “Senzatomica”

Recently, a colleague and collaborator – a highly skilled graphic designer – approached us with an interesting opportunity. They inquired if we would be interested in working with the staff of “Senzatomica.”
Senzatomica, a team of 10-12 individuals, was searching for a studio. They required a versatile space with a variety of backdrops and lighting options. Their goal was to film a launch video for the inauguration of an exhibition on the nuclear weapons ban in Rome.
We were immediately enthusiastic and readily agreed to assist them in realizing their project.
The shoot would conclude in a single day with interviews of about ten testimonials. These included some well-known television and radio personalities. They would be made to hear the sound of a nuclear device live, and their reactions would be filmed on camera.

Needless to say, the emotions were running high. Despite it being a studio reconstruction, some of the testimonials became genuinely emotional.

By the end, we were all exhausted but satisfied with the results. The video had a great impact on social networks.

Below, we offer a brief behind-the-scenes look at the atmosphere in InStudio.


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